PeMF Healing March Newsletter; Welcome Spring with Open Arms and Open Hearts!

Written on 03/01/2024
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Spring Awakening: Embracing Renewal, Love, and Vibrant Well-being


March 2024

Spring has sprung, and so have we! As the flowers bloom and the birds sing, we're here to sprinkle some of that fresh, vibrant energy into your lives. Let's shake off the winter blues together and leap into a season of renewal, laughter, and boundless health!

🌞 Spring Into Health: Tips to Thrive

  • Out with the Old: Bid farewell to those "I might wear this someday" clothes. Clearing out clutter makes room for new energy and maybe even new clothes!
  • Space Harmony: Declutter like a boss! A tidy space equals a serene mind. It's time to harmonize your surroundings for that oh-so-sweet zen vibe.
  • Barefoot Bliss: Embrace the earth beneath your feet! Just 5 minutes of barefoot wandering, day or night, can work wonders. Ground yourself and feel the difference.
  • Sip the Pure Life: Trade up your H2O game with some artisanal water. It's like a spa day for your insides!
  • Be Here Now: Life's too short for autopilot. Practice being present and see the magic unfold in the mundane.
  • Breathe Easy: Try the 3-6-9 breathing trick - inhale for 3, hold for 6, exhale for 9. Instant calm!
  • Zen Your Sleep: Grounding pillows and sacred tunes at bedtime? Yes, please! Let 528Hz lullabies carry you to dreamland.

πŸŽ‰ What We Achieved in February 2024

We've been busy bees, and we're buzzing with excitement to share our latest updates with you:

  • 8D Audio Tranquility: Now available on our app, for those moments when you need an auditory hug.
  • Goal-Getter Guide: Learn how to set and visualize your wellness goals with our app. Because every journey needs a roadmap!
  • 444Hz Handpan Harmony: Start your day with the soothing sounds of Handpan and Morning Doves. Inner peace, here we come!
  • Polarity Power-Up: Discover the benefits of reversing your device's polarity. It's like giving your PEMF device a superpower boost!
  • PTSD/Trauma Support: Our new energetics program offers a gentle, healing touch for the soul.
  • Chakra Balancing Beats: Dive into our 12 Chakra Binaural Harmonization for a full-spectrum energy alignment.
  • Amygdala Attunement: Boost your emotional IQ and creativity with our Amygdala Synchronization Binaural Frequency.
  • Rapid Recovery Rhythms: Combat SARS, flu, COVID, and more with our specialized recovery frequencies.
  • Health-Specific Harmonies: From Hodgkin's Disease to motion sickness, we've got a frequency for that.
  • EMF & 5G Shield: Protect yourself from the invisible waves with our EMF and 5G protection features.

πŸ’Œ Special March Offer: A Love-Filled Trial

In the spirit of spring and all things love, we're thrilled to offer you a 2-week trial with any one-year subscription. Unlock a world of healing frequencies, gain full access to our library, and enjoy a year of free access to Compatible with leading PEMF devices, we're here to make wellness easy and accessible.

🌟 Join Us in the Journey of Love and Wellness

Let's embrace this beautiful journey together, with open hearts and a commitment to wellness. Remember, with PEMF Healing, you're not just finding a path to wellness; you're embarking on a journey of love, care, and profound healing.

To health, harmony, and hearty laughs,

Art Tawanghar
Founder & Developer, PEMF Healing App Team
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